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Gavin Gibbons Schaker Property Investments

Gavin Gibbons

Founder | Schaker Property Investments

The Short...

I set up Schaker Property Investments in 2019 to help private investors build wealth through UK property investment.

If you like the idea of creating reliable, passive income from UK property - I can offer you a completely hands-free property service.

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"Schaker takes property sourcing to a new level of professionalism and care. They literally organised everything for us from start to finish – they gave us all the professional team we need to buy the place from lawyers to brokers and surveyors, they refurbished the property to a fantastic standard, rented it out within a week and achieved full market rent during Covid (which was a nice surprise). Get their number in your address book, you will be pleased you did!"

Joanna Bujnicka - Property Investor, London

"I feel I can pick up the phone and speak to someone who cares about my investment and responds quickly, not in a week’s time. I feel proud to be working with Gavin and his company."

Phil Heaton - Investor and Property Trainer, London

The Long...

I set up Schaker Property Investments in 2019, some time after starting my own Buy To Let journey nearly 20 years ago in South East England.

Property was always something I did in my spare time, while pursuing a corporate career with organisations like the BBC, Deutsche Telekom and The Body Shop.

After relocating to Dubai nearly a decade ago, I found it harder to manage my UK property interests, so I began to build a hands-free network of property professionals who were all experts in their field.

This gave me the idea of how to help other investors build property wealth, once I returned to the UK a few years later.

Too many investors have no time to focus on chasing the best deals, organising refurbs, or setting up effective property management.

Let alone having the time to scale up their own hands-free property portfolio.

That is where I can help - I can provide everything you need to build your own hands-free portfolio - from start to finish.

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